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Jeu de carte

Rule 36 cards, from 6 to AS

Purpose of the game

Four players are divided into teams of two and face their playing partner. The first team who reaches 1000 points, 1500 points or 2000 points wins the game. The points are collected by the announcements or the points of the obtained fold cards.

Value of the cards

The cards are arranged in the same way in each suit. In this game, a suit is defined as Train, Cheese, Chocolate and Mountain. In each suit there are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

The 6, 7, 8 and 9 cards are worth 0 points, but the 10 is worth 10 points; the Jack, 2 points; the Queen, 3 points; the King, 4 points; the Ace, 11 points.

At the beginning of each deal, a player designates a suit as "trump". The goal is to win the most points with this suit. In the trump suit, the value of the cards changes: 6, 7, 8, 10, Queen and King keep their point values, but the 9, which is now called the "Nell", is worth 14 points and the Jack becomes the trump card, called the "Bour" and is worth 20 points.

The total of points of a deal is 157 points. Note that 5 points are added to the team that picked up the last trick (usually called the "five of der").


At the beginning of the round, each player has the opportunity to make an announcement, if a number of conditions are fulfilled. Players must make their announcement when it is their turn to play and before the next player puts down his or her card. It is possible to make several announcements, but it is not allowed to use one card for two different announcements. Exception: Stöck cards can be used for other announcements.

Sometimes there are ties in the announcements. In this case, the announcement with the most cards takes precedence, followed by the announcement with the highest value card, and then the announcement with the trump(s). If it is impossible to break the tie, both teams score the points they have earned.

Depending on the customs and regions, it is requested to show the announcements.

The team with the highest number of announcements validates its points. The other team cannot validate the points of the announcement.

The different possible announcements:

3 cards of the same suit in a row: 20 points

4 cards of the same suit in a row: 50 points

4 cards the same (4x the 10, 4x the Queen, 4x the King): 100 points

5 or more cards in a row of the same suit: 100 points

The four 9s: 150 points

Four Jacks: 200 points


Special feature: the "Stöck" (pronounced "schteukr")! It consists of the King and Queen of trump in the same hand. When the second of the two cards is laid down, "schteukr!" is announced and 20 points are awarded. The Stöck can also be combined with a three-card, four-card, five-card, etc. call. Also, the Stöck points are valid, even if the opposing team has declared more points. But if the opposing team has a match, then the points are not counted.

Rules of chibre

The match

If a team wins all the tricks in a round, it makes a "match" and gets 100 extra points, so it gets 256 points. The other team's announcements are then cancelled.

How a game is played

Distribution of the cards

The dealer shuffles the cards and hands the pile to be "cut" to the person on his or her left. Then, he or she deals seven cards to each player in a clockwise direction, starting with the person on the right.

Choosing the trump card

On the very first deal, the player holding the seven of cheese has the privilege of choosing trump and starting the round. On subsequent deals, the player to the right of the dealer designates "trump". The dealer can, if his cards do not allow him to make a good play, to "chibe" - that is to say to pass the hand to his partner - so that he or she names the trump.

Flow of the game

The player who has the 7 of diamonds starts and puts the card of his choice in front of him or her, if possible a trump card. The person to his or her right follows and continues with the same suit; if this person cannot lay down a card of the same suit, he or she may continue with another card of his or her choice. If the first player lays down a trump, regardless of the trick, all players must lay down a card in the trump suit. If the trump suit is played and one of the players holds the "Bour", he does not have to play it even if he only has that card of that suit left. To win the trick, one can "cut" it by laying down a trump. It is possible to "overcut" by laying down a trump card of a higher value.

The person who has laid down the highest card takes the trick. He then lays down a card of his choice, to start the next trick.

The round ends when no one has any cards left in their hand. The players who win the last trick win the "five of der" (5 points). The player who made trump becomes the dealer and the player to his right must choose trump.

The game ends when a team reaches 1000 points, 1500 points...

And now, let's play !