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Values & Story

Our values

Local, natural and delicious

These are the three values that guide our every step in this gourmet adventure. Every day, we strive to get closer to excellence. 

Each ingredient is carefully selected, depending on the cultivation methods and the distance to our production site. We value quality labels, such as Organic, Demeter or IP-Suisse, and Swiss local products.

We also pay a lot of attention to the packaging - we particularly look at their ecological impact (place of production and possibility of reuse or recycling) and their effect on our health (composition).

Want to help us improve?

To reach these goals, contacts are more than important. If you know producers (ingredients or packaging) who are aligned with our values, please let us know by email at


Be! Popcorn founder Constance Legrain


Our story

After a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management obtained at the Lausanne Hotel School in 2014, it was through her culinary travels that Constance Legrain had the idea to create a healthy and tasty snack: gourmet popcorn. After many trials in her kitchen under the watchful eye of an expert, she eventually found an artisanal process that allowed her to pop the corn without fat, while keeping it crispy.


Within a few months, she launched Be! Popcorn, an artisanal factory full of dynamism and creativity, honoring the gourmet. Thanks to her savoir-faire and quality ingredients, she surprises the taste buds of even the finest gourmets.

Since 2017, the recipes are inspired by travel and differ with the seasons.

Today, it is thanks to a supportive family and friends crazy enough to join her that this beautiful adventure continues to follow its path.


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