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Be! Popcorn is THE Swiss gourmet popcorn - a delicious, light and naturally gluten-free snack, produced in our artisanal factory located in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

It all starts with the selection of quality corn, which is popped with hot air (fat free), then lovingly coated with various original and authentic flavors. Our recipes are meant to be as natural as possible, that's why we take the time to select the best products from our region and don't add any preservatives (the packaging alone allows for the preservation)

Every step, from popping the corn to packaging to coating, is done artisanally in our factory.

Behind each of our popcorn packages are people (producers, employees, retailers, and customers) for whom our values make sense and who want to move toward consuming more natural products. In reference to our brand Be!, together we embody change.

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